Hollow Metal Doors

20, 18 & 16 ga. Doors

Honeycomb Core

PolyStyrene Core

Fire Rated Doors

Steel Stiffened w/ Fiberglass

Temperatrue Rise Core

We can make door with glass: 

full glass

half lite


Commercial Metal Doors design suits any commercial and industrial application: interior, exterior, fire-rated, insulate, etc. Also, the manufacturers fabricate them from sheet steel and reinforce them with light metal channels. Besides, they have a hollow core, sometimes steel stiffened or filled with a lightweight filler material. Moreover, Fire Metal Doors can sustain fire for specified periods. Additionally, we suggest regularly maintain your Commercial Metal Doors by door-service specialist. It helps prevent more abuse and damage than the rest. As a result, it provides the lowest overall cost of ownership. 


Commercial Hollow metal doors have many benefits. They are the primary choice for many commercial property owners and management companies.


Hollow Metal Doors and frames could serve many years without any loss. Also, they maintain extreme Canadian temperatures such as hot, cold, high and low humidity, and rain. So, they are fit for either interior or exterior use. Plus, these kinds of doors do not require a lot of maintenance.


A hollow metal door is designed by using thicker metal in the door. Also, Hollow metal door frames use for security purposes. These metal doors’ strength also makes them suitable for protection against flying debris, winds, and even intense storms.


Hollow Metal Doors can also help to decrease energy expenses in your building. Also, the metal sheets space of the steel door acts as insulation. Plus, polystyrene or polyurethane insulation in the cavity can also enhance the insulating effect.


Some metal doors are explicitly built to use as fire doors. Also, if a fire bursts out in the building, it will help you protect your inventory or staff in the building. So, fire doors evaluate according to how long they can hold backfire. Moreover, fire doors typically begin with 20, 45, 60, and 90 minutes.